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Tony Gwynn Jr discusses MLB attendance problem

Addresses how strikeouts and lack of situational hitting hurt the game

A few weeks ago, we addressed the MLB attendance problem. We tied it back to the “boom or bust” mentality where players are either striking out or hitting home runs. To speak plainly, it’s boring. Tony Gwynn Jr. joined Big Time Baseball: Players addition to discuss the issue. Former Padre Ben Davis joined the podcast as well.

“When the game is walks, homers and strikeouts, that’s not a very appeasing game to the eye of the fan. They come out, (and) they wanna see excitement. There’s a reason they stand when a guy gets a triple, or you feel the buzz when a guy steals second or third. ... Yes, home runs are exciting too, but it’s just a quick moment that you get to enjoy.”

The entire 40 minutes is great baseball talk, but you can fast forward to the 10 minute mark to listen to this conversation.