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2019 MLB Draft Thread: Padres grab C.J Abrams. Day 3 begins at 12 PM ET

Padres take 1st pitcher in 4th round

The MLB Draft is live!

When: June 3rd-5th

12 PM ET June 5th. (round 11-40)

You can watch it live on now! If you’ve never watched before, it’s a lot of fun.


The Padres selected C.J Abrams 6th overall. The Speedy Shortstop was the best player on the board, which the Padres vowed to take.

Awesome moment for the young man.

Round 1: C.J Abrams

Round 2: Joshua Mears

Round 2 Competitive Balance: Logan Driscoll

Round 3: Hudson Head

Round 4: Matt Brash

Round 5: Chris Lincoln

Round 6: Drake Fellows

Round 7: Connor Lehmann

Round 8: Andrew Mitchel

Round 9: Jason Blanchard

Round 10: Ethan Elliot

After picking 4 position players to start the draft, the Padres grabbed 7 arms in a row. Joshua Mears, Logan Driscoll, and Hudson Head were all considered reaches to a certain degree. Given the draft history of AJ Preller it’s tough to question anything at this point. Time will tell, but they’re certainly adding to their hot talent lava.