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Nothing to lose, everything to prove, Logan Allen wins major league debut

John Cena is down one dollar

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine finally getting the call up to the show, getting to start against the top team in the national league central, and John Cena sitting in the owner’s box wearing your jersey. No pressure, right? It turns out, John Cena was there to hold up his end of a bet he had with Logan Allen. John Cena and Logan Allen once met at a steakhouse, while Allen was making his way through the minors. John Cena and Allen talked for hours, ending the conversation with John Cena saying, “if you make it to the major leagues, I will pay you one dollar.” John Cena has been a motivator and a mentor for Allen throughout his journey to the major leagues.

With the way the Padres pitching staff has been lately, no one would have noticed if Logan Allen only threw 3 innings and gave up a few runs, but he had something else in mind. With ice in his veins, Allen took the hill and made us all wonder why he hasn’t been there all season.

On June 18th the padres took the win against the Milwaukee Brewers in the second of a three-game series. But in bigger news, the Padres welcomed newest member Logan Allen to the pitching staff, also known as “lights out Logan” due to his incredible performance. With only 5 pitches in the first inning, Allen made an unforgettable first MLB appearance. Not to mention his first major league single in the 5th inning. Allen ended up scoring the first run of the game on a throwing error by third baseman, Mike Moustakas. The 5th inning was not only exciting, but monumental for our new pitcher, Logan Allen.

Following the great pitching we saw tonight, Manny Machado hit a RBI ground-rule double to right-center, drivingin Greg Garcia. Francisco Mejia hit a 2 run homer in the 6th inning to wrap up the scoring for the boys.

The Padres managed to get 4 runs on the board, giving them a chance to sweep the series against the Brewers tomorrow afternoon.

Final score: 4-1 Padres