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Why haven’t the Padres called up Trevor Megill or Andres Munoz?

Both are elite relievers in the Minors

The Padres have had a revolving door of relievers on the major league roster this year. Statistically, they’ve had one of the worst bullpens in the league. This is happening while the closer Kirby Yates has a 1.16 ERA in 31 IP. He leads the entire majors in saves, but the Padres have a huge problem getting to him.

Yesterday, the team called up Kazuhisa Makita. He’s 34 and has a career 5.40 ERA. The team is crossing their fingers hoping someone, ANYONE, can get them through the middle innings.

What about Andres Munoz and Trevor Megill? Here’s some detail on their career Minor League numbers.

Trevor Megill: 10-1 2.64 ERA 119.1 IP in 77 games. 106 K’s 32 Walks

Andres Munoz: 8-5 2.81 ERA 105.2 IP in 100 games. 149 K’s 65 Walks

Megill turns 26 at the end of the year, while Munoz doesn’t turn 21 until January. I can go down a rabbit hole with situational stats, but I’ll spare you the reading and let you do your research.

Here’s the point. The front office has shown a willingness to move talent forward quickly. Tatis Jr, Urias, Lauer, and Lucchesi are all examples of folks that are either very young or have very limited experience in the minors. Why not make that same decision with 2 pitchers that have been DOMINANT at every level they’ve played?

I suggest giving these 2 guys a chance. If we could find a way to get through the middle innings unscathed, the 4 games deficit in the wild card race would disappear quickly.