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Padres win wild one with late comeback, historic offensive assault

Record breaking series for runs scored since 1929

MLB: San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies Russell Lansford-USA TODAY Sports

On June 16th the Padres and Rockies took the field to close out their four-game series. Much like the other 3 games, neither side seemed to remember that half of baseball is also playing defense. It looked like players from both teams were getting dizzy from running around the bases all weekend, as they broke the MLB four-game series runs scored record. Combined, the two teams totaled 92 runs, beating the previous record of 88 runs scored by the Phillies and Dodgers back in 1929. They always say in order to win; all you have to do is score more than the other team. Well this weekend it seemed as though the Rockies and Padres forgot they were allowed to try and stop the other team from scoring. Coors Field is known for being an offensive ballpark and it certainly showed in this series.

Tonight, the Padres were able to pull off another stunning comeback as they battled back from a 5-run deficit, scoring 4 in the top of the 9th. After a slug fest in the first 3 innings, things started to lean toward the Rockies who held a five-run lead going into the 7th. However, if we learned anything about our Padres this series, it is that they are definitely never out of the fight. Fernado Tatis Jr. led off the 7th with a triple and was driven home on a sacrifice infield hit by Manny Machado. Then, Hunter Renfroe did what he does best and sent one into the forest past the center field wall. That was Renfroe’s second of the day and 5th of the series, bringing his season total to 23, now tied for second among all of the MLB this season. The Padres tied up the game 13-13 in the top of the 9th after a clutch 2 out triple by Greg Garcia that scored Manny Machado and Wil Myers.

With how wild this series has been hitting so far, you’d expect the game winning run to be knocked in by a ball roped down the line or a line drive off the wall, but that was not the case. With the pitcher’s spot in the hole and the Rockies in desperate need to get one more out, they intentionally walk Austin Allen and Josh Naylor to load the bases. With Gerardo Reyes’ spot due up and Andy Green left without many options for a pinch hitter, Matt Strahm steps up to the plate. Yes, Matt Strahm, the pitcher. The guy who gave up six runs in the series opener and got thrown out of last night’s game for saying “Come on Phil”, that Matt Strahm. Now living every little leaguer’s fantasy of being at the plate in the 9th inning of a tied ball game, with two outs and a full count. Strahm did possibly the most anticlimactic, but effective, ending to that fantasy and took ball four, walking in what would end up being the game winning run.

The Padres were able to hold on to their lead as Kirby Yates came in to do what he does best and close out the game. Reminding us of how grateful we should be that Yates wants to stay put in San Diego.

The Padres split the series 2 games apiece with the Rockies but put up some pretty crazy number in doing so. Over the four games, they had 62 hits and scored 44 runs. Hunter Renfroe made his case for why he should not be traded by putting up 5 homeruns and 8 RBIs this series. While Manny Machado had 3 homeruns and 6 RBIs over the last four games.

Final score today: Padres 14-13