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Report: Padres willing to trade most position players

MLB: San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

A major bomb was dropped by the Union-Tribune’s Kevin Acee last night, as reported on by MLB Trade Rumors. According to Acee, this year’s deadline could pretty much be open season on any Padre position player not named Tatis, Machado, or Hosmer. The following from MLBTR’s reportage:

The Padres’ goal in dealing from its current position player cast would be to upgrade offensively at two spots – catcher and center field – and add “young arms,” per Acee. Their desire to pick up controllable pitching has long been known, though it’s interesting they want a better offensive backstop.

We already heard that Hunter Renfroe has been discussed in trade rumors, but it is rather notable that the team is being proactive in seeking to upgrade at catcher and center field—two positions that have been obvious offensive and, in the case of center, defensive weaknesses thus far in 2019. It’s especially notable that the team is apparently looking for an offensive upgrade at catcher, despite the fact that top prospect Francisco Mejia has received less than 200 plate appearances in the majors.

The MLB Trade Rumors article includes an analysis of the trade value of nearly every presumably available Padres player, and is well worth a read:

What are we to make of this? What kind of trade packages and matchups do you think may make sense this year, especially considering the team’s recent run of poor play? Feel encouraged to eave your prognostications and Preller condemnations in the comments below.