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Podcast: Who should the Padres trade?

There’s talk about who the Padres might trade, but who SHOULD they trade (or not trade)?

MLB: Washington Nationals at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

After our mini-podcast earlier this week with John Conniff from Madfriars, Craig Elsten and myself are back on our normal schedule with an extra-long episode of MTPGA.

For this one, we went through “The Good, Bad, and the Ugly” for the San Diego Padres over the last couple of weeks and then mostly stuck to the questions that we were asked on Twitter.

Come for the story of a coyote that might, some day, make an appearance on MTPGA. Stay for Craig Elsten deciding to drink a mosquito. Oh, and the Padres talk, of course.

Topics covered include:

  • Should the Padres trade Kirby Yates? What about Hunter Renfroe?
  • Can the Padres trade Wil Myers?
  • Would we take back the Brad Hand trade from last season?
  • A prediction (by me) on who will get traded before July 31st.
  • Does #PadresTwitter need to lighten up?
  • Is Manny Machado a disappointment so far?
  • and some other fun stuff, I’m sure.