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Hunter Renfroe saves the day, hits walk-off grand slam to beat Dodgers 8-5

The Dodgers almost stole another one. Then Renfroe killed them.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Padres were all set to be swept by the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday afternoon, after losing 1-run games to on Friday and Saturday, when they started the 9th inning down a single run and facing Kenley Jansen.

Instead, through a comedy of errors, the Padres ended up with the bases loaded and no outs. After a strikeout (gulp) and a pop-up (no!), it looked like the Padres would be getting swept in the most heartbreaking fashion imaginable.


What an incredible moment for the Padres, who very nearly got swept in embarrassing fashion. And another big moment for Hunter Renfroe, who has seemingly been the team’s best pinch-hitter this year.

I can’t explain why this series went the way it did, with the Padres giving up late leads up each game, except to say that we’ve all known that the Padres’ bullpen was being overworked. We just didn’t think that bullpen would completely implode once it ran out of gas, or that it would do so against the Padres’ #1 rival, or that it would end up costing them as much as it did.

Chris Paddack, who has some restrictions on his innings and pitches already, will probably look to go 8 innings deep against the New York Mets tomorrow.