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Innings limit looming, Scott Boras having conversations with the Padres about Chris Paddack

200 innings simply not a viable option

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Great story here by Dennis Lin. It will have major implications for the Padres this season. There are many options for the team, but stretching Paddack is just not one of them. A permanent 6 man rotation would seem to do the trick. Aj Preller likely won’t go for anything less than a front line starter. Who would the team give up?

That also poses the question... What do YOU think the Padres should do? The team understands they have a budding star, so what approach is the right approach?

Let’s hear your thoughts!

“We all know that from a performance standpoint the player never, ever wants to give up the baseball,” Boras said. “They’re competitive, they want to help their team win, they’re an important part of what their team does, and that makes these decisions so difficult. … Stephen Strasburg was so upset. Really, really upset about the following of the doctors’ advice.”

Boras ultimately agreed with that advice. He points out that Strasburg, still with the Nationals, has enjoyed a successful career that includes multiple All-Star berths and a $175 million contract. The San Diego native’s trajectory contrasts that of another prominent client.

In 2015, Matt Harvey went from zero innings the previous year — the New York Mets ace required Tommy John surgery after his transcendent 2013 campaign — to 216. A little more than 26 of those innings came during a postseason that ended with a World Series defeat. The final count far exceeded the number Boras said doctors had recommended. Since then, Harvey, now with the Los Angeles Angels, has encountered thoracic outlet syndrome and compiled a 5.51 ERA.”