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Could the Padres reunite with Bruce Bochy?

63 year old skipper set to retire this year

Kudos to Barry Bloom for getting this story out. Is it possible that Bruce Bochy makes a return to the Padres? Well, the quote below doesn’t sound like a no to me...

“But when Bochy was told that a campaign was beginning to let him finish his career in San Diego, he didn’t dismiss the notion as out of hand, declining to simply comment about it.

“Do you have a job for me?” he quipped.”

Some say managers are overrated. They get credit, they take the blame. Isn’t there something to be said about instincts one has to have in order to be successful at this level? It’s easy to question Andy Green when the team is struggling. It’s hard not to when some decisions (that ultimately backfire) have you screaming at your TV before the inevitable conclusion happens. Maybe this is a pipe dream, but maybe it’s the “curse of the Bochy”. No Padre team has won a playoff game without him being associated with it. 1984, 1998 and 2006 (you know, the year he was forced out after leading the team to the Playoffs) are the only years with postseason victories in franchise history.

Look, I like Andy Green. I’m not saying the team needs to move on right away. If you have a chance for a leadership upgrade, isn’t that at least worth a conversation?