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Kinslers blast lifts Padres

Veteran has had rough start to 2019

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Ian Kinsler hit a mighty three-run homer to put the San Diego Padres ahead of the Pittsburgh Pirates, and then had a profane outburst as he crossed home and then again in the dugout.

Many fans on social media felt it was directed at them, and manager Andy Green said it “was not the right response.”

Kinsler, who hasn’t been a fan favorite as he’s struggled since joining the Padres on an $8 million, two-year deal, said otherwise.

”That was for my teammates,” Kinsler said after the 4-3 victory Thursday night. “It had nothing to do with the fans. It’s for my teammates. It’s an inside thing with them. Just trying to get everybody fired up. We had a tough road trip. I’m a passionate player. I try to get my teammates going. That was it.”

Personally, I think it was the exact response we want. We’ve been extremely critical of him on Gaslampball, so it’s nice to see him breakout. As Padre fans, were committed to the success of the team. Sometimes that means providing analysis that, as a player, you probably don’t want to hear. If we’re going to speak our minds and be tough on him, then let him dish it back by way of a small controlled outburst!

What do you think? Do you like fired up Kinsler, or was it too much?