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MTPGA: Quarter-season grades!

Craig and John rate the San Diego Padres by position, roughly a quarter of the way through the 2019 season.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time! We can finally stop putting “small sample-size” in front of every statement about the 2019 San Diego Padres.

We’re roughly a quarter of the way through the season and we can start saying a few things definitively, such as “Greg Garcia or Luis Urias should be starting at 2B”. (Speaking of which, I have a theory in this podcast episode as to why I think Urias struggled so much early and why he’s hitting bombs in El Paso now.)

Anyway, as is tradition with the Make the Padres Great Again podcast, Craig Elsten and myself use this point to hand out some grades to the team. This year, we decided to do it by position instead of doing it by player, which led to some interesting grades (especially at 1B and CF).

I promise that, if I can find the time today, I will come back here and actually write down the grades that Craig and I came up with on the fly. Unless some helpful commenter wants to write them down in the comments while listening, so that we can be mocked for our poor grades later this season.