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Time to give Luis Urias another shot?

Urias has carved up AAA pitching this year


It seems like every time Urias gets a hit, Kinsler swings and misses yet again. Kinsler got the start on Tuesday night against the Dodgers and promptly went 0-4 with a K. Meanwhile, Urias is hitting .350 with a .430 OBP in El Paso. The aruguement about Kinsler salary seems strange since the team has dead money tied up in players that haven’t been on the roster in several years. Is it time to cut bait and promote Kinsler to “assistant to the bench coach?” Is it time to fully invest in Luis Urias? Let’s hear your comments below.

“Urias can’t stop mashing homers for the Chihuahuas, as he’s now left the yard four times since Friday to give him 11 long balls in just 23 Triple-A games this season. The recent tear leaves him a .354 batting average and a ridiculous 1.269 OPS over 109 at-bats in the PCL. Urias was just 2-for-24 in his brief spell in the big leagues earlier this season, but he’s doing his level best to show the Padres he deserves another look, and they could feel compelled to give him one soon with Ian Kinsler still scuffling to the tune of a .177 batting average.”