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Paddack, Kinsler help complete Padres’ 2-game sweep of Mariners

One rookie and one veteran helped secure a 1-0 Padres win over the Mariners on Wednesday afternoon.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Paddack’s “Flu Game”

Chris Paddack was everything today. He was nasty, he was tough, he was consistent, and he was aggressive. In 7 innings pitched, he struck out 9 Seattle Mariners and threw just 83 pitches. Had the San Diego Padres wanted him to throw a complete game shutout, I believe he probably could’ve done it.

However, his health before the game probably led to Andy Green going to the bullpen in the 8th inning for a hold (Trey Wingenter, 6) and a save (Kirby Yates, 12!).

While the tweet has since been taken down, Chris Paddack’s brother tweeted early in this one:

Just a little nugget for today’s game...Chris is pitching with flu like symptoms and what was a 102 fever this morning. His words to me on playing through it, “MJ did it so I don’t have an excuse”. @Mudcat55 @DonOrsillo Just thought I would share that. #RELENTLESS

Kinsler feels the pressure

With the San Diego Padres calling up Ty France ahead of today’s game, many took that to mean that Ian Kinsler would return to a backup position and the kid would get a chance at the starting 2B job when the team takes on the Washington Nationals on Wednesday.

Well, here’s Ian Kinsler making the case that he’s not dead yet:

Kinsler has struggled at the plate this year, but his numbers are better at home than on the road and they’re even better during day games.