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The Padres end their losing streak with 4-3 win over the Reds

The San Diego Padres six-game losing streak has come to an end with a 4-3 win over the Cincinnati Reds.

Cincinnati Reds v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Lucchesi with a big start

In his last two starts, Joey Lucchesi had given up 7 ERs and 5 ERs. He was in need of a good start to get back on track, and he got one today against the Cincinnati Reds.

Day Man!

Austin Hedges, who had some pretty horrendous day/night splits last season, had a heck of a game under the sun today. he finished 2-3, including a solo HR to get the scoring started for San Diego:

Wil The Thrill strikes again!

Wil Myers is hot. Really hot. And he finished this game 2-4 with a couple of RBIs after narrowly missing this 3-run HR:

Kirby Yates is ridiculous

Kirby Yates had 14 career saves before this season, 13 of them with the Padres over the last two seasons, and seemed an unlikely candidate to be a breakout closer. However, he was handed the role, and he has done nothing but excel at it.

Yates has now converted 10 consecutive save opportunities, to go with an ERA of 0.75. He’s on pace for something like 70 saves this season, which would almost assuredly be the nuttiest stat of the entire season for any player in baseball if it were to happen.