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The Friar’s Hat Stash: Spring Training 2019

Or: The Last Navy Cap

The snoozefest that was the Super Bowl has come and gone to the delight of baseball fans emerging from the long winter’s nap: baseball is nigh!

As per usual the coming of Spring Training has fans ready to hit the fields in Arizona and Florida to see their teams begin a new campaign with familiar and new faces abound. Atop the heads of those players are the newest designs made specifically for Spring Training games and for those of my ilk to plunk our coin down on.

Let’s take a look around the league at what’s new:

Oakland was the first to display their newest design last year; the original elephant logo is a callback to the team’s 1924 logo.

Washington was the second to release their design with the Capitol Rotunda in use.

It’s only fitting to include one of the Redlegs’ new designs. The team is celebrating 150 years of existence this season alongside Major League Baseball.

Our Peoria roommates consistently come up with fresh designs for their Spring Training wear and this unique M compass logo is no different.

The Miami Jeters Marlins have a new logo: this simplified version marks a radical departure from their oversized M logo of ownerships past.

And our Padres?

The Padres will stand pat with the same design they’ve used since 2016: a white split-panel design on a navy crown and brim.

Of particular note is the material du jour this season: ProLight departs as a one-and-done fabric. This new material has been dubbed “HexTech” and is very similar to the Diamond Era material used a couple years ago. You may have worn a HexTech cap if you managed to pick up one of the various NFL releases last season.

Also noteworthy are this year’s Spring Training patches. Words and location are eschewed entirely from this season’s template as a home plate and respective Cactus or Grapefruit (read: actually, a palm tree) League image make up the whole patch. The respective jersey patch is much wordier.

You can snag your own Spring Training cap and gear now at your local cap retailer or look forward to next year’s return of the brown!