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Happy Pitchers & Catchers Report Day!

Baseball is back with pitchers and catchers reporting to Peoria today.

It’s time to shake off the frost from a long winter’s slumber. The cold stove of the offseason did nothing to keep baseball fans warm, but today the sun rises to the anticipated pops of baseballs against worn leather mitts.

Baseball is back!

Many new and familiar faces will begin to dot the landscape and inhabit the Padres complex in Peoria. Most concerning for Padres fans this year is who exactly will make up that starting rotation going into the season. With the departure of Clayton Richard to Toronto, who will be the Opening Day starter? These questions will certainly find answers as the exercises and exhibition games begin later in the month.

Just breaking today is some scary news for one of our prospective bullpen arms: Dennis Lin reported today that Brad Wieck was diagnosed with testicular cancer and has recently undergone surgery. We hope for a speedy recovery and future all clears for the big lefty.

How will you celebrate pitchers and catchers day? Are you just waiting for a big signing like everyone else in baseball?