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Pads & Ends 02/01

does...does this thing still run?

SD Hat Guy

In a tribute to friend and fellow Gaslamper Joe Lanek, here’s a collection of links and ramblings from the recent happenings around the Padres and in other news. While I lack the sharp wit and effortlessness of words that my good pal possesses I might be able to get this car running again. Let’s get into it.

So we gotta start with some tunes, and I’d be doing a disservice to our Manager if I didn’t throw out this:

If you haven’t heard The Teal Album yet I recommend checking it out even if you’re not huge on the Weezer wagon. The boys handle some covers with ease and alongside the above post some surprises (I didn’t expect anything near as heavy as Paranoid). Much like the song suggests, the Padres don’t want no scrubs, which leads us to...

Pads Bits:

Elsewhere in baseball:

End Hits:

This is where I’d regale you with a funny story or something amusing on Twitter, but outside of the rumor mill there ain’t nothing going on. Most of the Midwest is frozen solid and I have no idea what that’s like.

  • Hat pic? Hat pic.

When is the #365DaysOfPadres train coming to a stop? Stay tuned. If you’re jonesing for more hat content, check out this article I penned over at SD Hat Collectors regarding a remake of a error-filled remake...

  • I guess there’s some kind of big game happening this weekend, but I can’t remember which one. Thunder/Celtics, maybe?