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Should the Padres attempt to sign Kwang-Hyun Kim....again

Kwang-Hyun Kim will be posted for MLB teams this offseason


Back in 2014, the Padres posted the highest bid for SK Wyverns 26-year-old LHP Kwang-Hyun Kim. The Wyverns accepted the Padres $2 million bid. This gave the Padres 30 days to negotiate a contract with him. The Padres failed to reach a deal with Kim, so he returned to pitch in the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO).

Just a few weeks ago, it was announced that Kim would be posted for MLB teams once again. Kim is now 31-years-old and has been dominant in the KBO for years. Last season, Kim had a 2.51 ERA in 190.1 innings pitched with an 8.5 K/9.

Back in 2017, Kim missed the entire season with Tommy John Surgery. This might force a few teams to be cautious about signing him. Plus, he has never faced MLB hitting, so signing him would be a risk.

It is highly unlikely the Padres will sign him, especially after what happened in 2014. He will also probably be way too expensive. But if the Padres could add a dominant left handed starting pitcher, it would help out their starting rotation significantly.