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Manny speaks: Show me the Buck!

Showalter managed Machado throughout most of his career

MLB: Houston Astros at Baltimore Orioles Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Manny has spoken. He wants Buck. This should not come as a surprise as he’s spoken openly about the respect he has for him. Additionally, Showalter defended Machado multiple times after he exited Baltimore. That was back when it was popular to crush his character.

Padres star third baseman Manny Machado is “letting it be known he would like [the] Padres to at least take a look at” his former skipper Buck Showalter,’s Buster Olney writes on Twitter. Showalter managed Machado for seven seasons in Baltimore.”

The truth is, Manny wants to be pushed and challenged to do more. Under Buck’s leadership, he became a perennial all star.

So, should the team listen?

Of course. Heck, draw up a contract right now. Buck Showalter is known as a wizard throughout the game of baseball. He won the AL manager of the year award in 3 different decades. That was with 3 different franchises in 3 very different circumstances.

People will use the “old school” or “never won the big one” argument. True, he wasn’t won the big one. None of the teams he managed were built to do that, yet he led them to contention. Frankly, managers do matter. Over the years it’s been downplayed, but more than ever the Padres need a guy like Buck at the helm.

Bottom line, the guy knows baseball. This could be a match made in heaven. Click here to read MLB Trade Rumors coverage of the Padres Manager search.