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Gaslamp Ball mailbag!

Ask your questions!

San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Is there anything going on in the world of the San Diego Padres?

Kidding, of course. Let’s talk stuff. Jayce Tingler was hired, so there’s got to be a question or two about that. The off-season is coming up soon. There is plenty to be asked, and hopefully plenty to be answered.

That is what I am here to do! Ask away and I will answer questions the best I can.

In terms of Tingler, there are a couple links I want to offer, in case you missed them, that could answer some questions.

Who in the Friar is Jayce Tingler

From the mouth of experts: Jayce Tingler

Okay, ask away! I’ll open the mailbag on Monday and get my post up on Tuesday!