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From the mouth of experts: Jayce Tingler

What to make of the new man at the helm

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So, Jayce Tingler. Am I right?

First of all, if you haven’t heard about him or followed this saga don’t worry! My colleague Aaron Denick has you covered with the awesomely named ‘Who in the Friar is Jayce Tingler?’

Knowing his background is great, but the question is what to expect from the new manager. Personally, I love this move. Staying young with the manager to grow with a young team was the smart move. Though I assure you I am not the expert the title of this post is referring to.

Social media is really great for a lot of things, including all the big wigs sharing their thoughts on players. I want to give a quick shout out to PadresFarm on Twitter because they do an amazing job consolidating all of this stuff. If you don’t follow them, do that now.

Since the signing there has been quite a bit of opinion spewed, but there were some guys who were fans beforehand. One of those people was Eno Sarris.

There is a lot of positive there from Sarris, which is good. Eno Sarris is brilliant. Moving on to Kyle Boddy.

Keith Law is also a fan.

One last opinion for you, this one from Craig Edwards.

Once again, big thanks to PadresFarm for making sure all this stuff can be seen. A lot of credit is due there.

Tingler is new to managing a big league club, but he comes with high praise for his baseball knowledge. There is a lot of good to take with some bad. While I was openly among the crowd just wanting this search to end, this is exactly where I’d hoped it would.

Look no further than what Keith Law says to understand why. This organization has some of the best and brightest youngsters which needed to be taken into account when picking a manager. It was.

Despite where this team finished 2019, the Padres are a good team and heading in the right direction. Get your pitchforks ready, but I think Andy Green could still have his job. Since he doesn’t, Tingler is a great option. And maybe even a better one, but time will tell.

One final thought, Preller is sticking his neck out here. He said he wanted a manager with experience, and that is not what he hired. That means Tingler was extremely impressive, he would have to be.

By all accounts, this hire is worth getting excited for. The good news is you don’t have to just take my word for it.