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Padres Officially Announce 50th Anniversary Logo

The new logo will also be featured in alternate colorways.

San Diego Padres

Fresh off the announcement at Padres FanFest is the official reveal of the 50th anniversary logo leaked previously earlier in the week via a toy. The official reveal of the logo this afternoon featured submitted fan photos arranged as a collage.

While the logo looks the same as it did via the leak, the official announcement has given us fresh details on how and where the logo will be applied on the Padres uniform in the coming season.

Multiple Colorways


San Diego Padres

To be worn with the home, away, navy alternate, and Sunday Navy digital uniforms.

Brown/Athletic Gold/Gold

San Diego Padres

To be worn with the Friday home alternate uniform.


San Diego Padres

To be worn with the Sunday Marine digital uniform.

Not revealed in the leak were the different colorways of the 50th anniversary logo. A different colorway logo will be paired with each cap and jersey combo. The different colorways should allow for the logo to maintain a cohesive look with the corresponding jersey and cap.

Updated Friar

Chris Creamer -

I highly suggest heading over to Chris Creamer’s article on the logo reveal. Found in the article is this nugget on the Friar found within the logo: Wayne Partello notes that the “classic” Swinging Friar has received an update, most notably to help make him easier to recreate in embroidery. Partello also notes that the Friar was brought back thanks to popular demand from fans.

The Logo On The Uniforms

Here’s how the logo looks as a patch and as a cap sidepatch. The jersey patch is a fully-embroidered patch that will be worn on the right sleeve. The cap patch will also be on the wearer’s right and is not embroidered; rather, it is a Liquidchrome applique. No other changes appear to be made to the jerseys or caps at this time.

What do you think of the logo now with all the details announced?