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Padres to reveal 50th Anniversary logo at FanFest, leaked via toy

The upcoming 50th anniversary logo for the Padres was revealed prior to FanFest.

The post of the announced reveal at FanFest
San Diego Padres - @padres

The upcoming 50th anniversary of the San Diego Padres becoming an MLB franchise after 32 years as a Pacific Coast League team has created buzz for fans and uniform-minded folk (such as myself) waiting for the reveal of what the team would do to commemorate their golden year. The team had stayed relatively quiet on the uniform/logo talk until earlier this week when it was announced that the 50th anniversary logo would be revealed to all during the Padres FanFest scheduled on Saturday.

Much speculation has been made as to what the Padres would reference in the logo. Would there be brown? The Friar? With so many motifs established over the team’s history, what would make the cut?

Thanks to a toy manufacturer and a tweet from newly established handle @619_SN on Twitter, the logo seems to have been revealed prematurely.

OYO Sports via @619_SN

Pictured is a nondescript figure wearing the Padres navy digital camouflage. Let’s take a closer look at the box, though...


The logo found here matches up to the silhouette within the Padres tweet.

This writer knows a bit about leaking things before they’ve been announced, so I can imagine someone over at OYO is catching the business regarding this leak.

In any case, let’s stare really hard at the fuzzy logo and see what can be found:

  • Gold appears within and around the logo though it also bears a striking similarity to the shade of sand previously used by the team from 2004-2015.
  • The 50 numeral has the appearance of the numerals used by the team on their jerseys from 2004-2011, most notably in the serif at the end of the 5.
  • The Swinging Friar is back. This version is the “classic” Friar used by the team in their early years (within the classic roundel logo) and intermittently as the home jersey sidepatch from 2012-2015.
  • The truss design found around the interlocking SD was also used in the 2016 All-Star Game logo; this is most likely a tie-in to the team’s current home at Petco Park.

Current reaction to the logo leak is...well, just go on Twitter and have a look for yourself.

SD Hat Collector and artist extraordinaire Tony Losoya decided to go proactive and take a swing at a few designs himself:

More information with the official announcement of the logo such as use on uniforms, caps, et al will be reported as soon as the details are made available.