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Padres 2, Rockies 6: Rox just kept laying on the runs

MLB: San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Pads pitching couldn’t keep Colorado contained, allowing at least one run each across three pitchers. San Diego had a pair of runs, six innings apart, and couldn’t get anything else rolling against a hotter Rockies lineup.

Speaking of lineups, Wil Myers was removed as a precaution after a warmup grounder took a weird enough hop to catch Wil right in the face. He was led off the field with a towel pressed against his nose, which is reported as being lacerated. We should hope to see him return feeling better and with some cool-looking nose tape.

Once the game get get going, Jacob Nix didn’t put on all that bad of a display. Though he was credited with 3 earned runs in 5 innings, giving up an RBI triple and single, he kept the Rockies to 5 hits and struck out Ian Desmond, who had a hot bat tonight - even tripling off Phil Maton.

Maton and Miguel Diaz would end up giving up 3 runs between them. The Rockies managed to pepper in runs across four separate innings while the Padres’ scoring came from a Cory Spangenberg RBI double in the top of the first and a cah-ruuuuuushed solo HR from Freddy Galvis in the seventh.

If hitting the ball really hard earned a team more runs, Galvis would have likely tied the game right there with his homer. Unfortunately, the Pads couldn’t get anything else going on offense and were pinned to their 4-run deficit, dropping the second of the 3-game series to the Rockies.

Tomorrow’s final Coor’s matchup of the series will have Joey Lucchesi facing off Kyle Freeland, who seems to be tearing it up against everybody but the Padres.