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Grant Little selected with 74th pick

San Diego Padres select Texas Tech freshman Grant Little with the 74 pick of the MLB draft.

San Diego Padres v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The 74th pick is the Competitive Balance Round B selection that the Padres acquired along with Phil Hughes just last week. With that pick the Padres selected Grant Little, a middle infielder and pitcher who is in his freshman year at Texas Tech. Fangraphs lists him as a second baseman, and says that he’s a “Multi-positional college bat without loud tools, but a well-rounded skillset and strong performance.” This doesn’t sound like the Preller type, especially for the first day of the draft, but the scouts must be on to something. He’s 6’ tall and squarely built, and outside of that the scouting reports are pretty bare.

With the completion of the second round, today’s episode of the 2018 MLB draft has drawn to a close. Check back in tomorrow as we try to keep up with rounds 3-10. The first day moves along like a Stanley Kubrick film, with moments of note spread apart by minimal dialogue - check that, it’s jam-packed with hyperbole from guys like Harold Reynolds... anyway, the second day of the draft is a machine gun of picks of guys only the scouts know well with the occasional familiar face sprinkled in. We’ll try to drop a note here and there to keep you up to date as the draft moves along. Thanks for hanging out with us!