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TFHS Closer Look: San Diego Padres Color Prism Collection

A new cap collection makes a splash of color.

SD Hat Guy

When it comes to being a cap collector who’s seen almost everything, it takes a fair bit of imagination to come up with a new concept and design that will catch my attention. Materials, colors, new details...there might be a time in the cap future where everything that could be done on a piece of headwear has been done.

Thank goodness we haven’t hit that point yet.

One of the newest collections to land on Lids is the Color Prism Pack. Featuring caps completely splashed in one color, the discerning collector gets a surprise when one looks under the cap at the details. You’ll see what I mean below.

I was actually gifted two of these caps from Lids. My thanks for their generosity.

Tony Losoya’s favorite cap in this series.
SD Hat Guy

The first cap is a very bright orange pickup. Indeed as the collection title indicates, all the details are done up in a single tone. Orange is the name of the game here. What stands out from a collecting standpoint is the color of the sticker: normally a foil gold, this particular size sticker is splashed in orange to match the cap. Typically I’m Team No-Sticker but I may keep this one on since it’s rather unobtrusive.

SD Hat Guy

The MLB Batterman at the rear is also all-orange.

SD Hat Guy

Here’s where we get to the details portion. Commonly in caps the sweatband, panel tape and tags are all black (or sometimes gray). The Color Prism series does all the interior details in the corresponding cap color. It’s a new and novel concept not yet done on caps until now. Normally you wouldn’t catch this detail since y’’re wearing the cap. It’s one of those intimate details a collector looks for when scoping out new caps for the archive...something different enough to catch my attention, anyway.

Hot red.
SD Hat Guy

This was one of the two caps sent to me by Lids. Of course all details are done up in a visually-striking red color including the size sticker. Once again I don’t think I’ll be taking this particular sticker off. It blends well enough with the rest of the cap.

SD Hat Guy

The details underneath are all red as well. I’m unsure as to how well red keeps from staining, but I can’t honestly think one will be sporting a hot red cap all that much to find out. This will be reserved for when I’d like the cap to make a statement.

Field green.

The green version is a really nice color. It isn’t vibrant enough to be gaudy yet isn’t a muted hunter green. The stitching detail around the interlocking SD and the New Era logo are a lighter shade for visual acuity purposes, I’m sure.

SD Hat Guy

I get a very springtime/field feel from all the details and green on this cap. The green interior tape jumps out at me.

Deep blue.
SD Hat Guy

The second of the two sent to me from Lids is this royal blue selection. A very nice blue for summertime wear alongside a white t-shirt, I think. The interlocking SD is bordered with a brighter electric blue thread.

SD Hat Guy

The details within are of course, matching blue.

A familiar navy blue.
SD Hat Guy

The last of the Padres Prism caps is this navy blue edition. I imagine this version is probably the easiest to wear for most since it’s a) a team color and b) not extremely bright.

The border thread color and New Era logo color are the same color as the royal blue cap, I believe.

SD Hat Guy

Of course the sweatband and other tags are navy. Though not as vibrant as the rest of the set this is a very clean look overall.

SD Hat Guy

Released prior to the Prism Pack were the Blackout editions of caps that guessed it, a blacked-out sticker and interior details. There were two versions released and this one is notably different thanks to...

SD Hat Guy

The blacked out patch on the wearer’s right. This patch is the Padres 25th ordinal celebration patch. A lot of visual detail does get lost due to the fact that everything The 25 on the patch is notably done in a slightly more shimmery thread than the rest of the patch.

The difference between the Blackout and Color Prism series is that everything on the Blackout The taping does include the 59Fifty and New Era box logo...but they’re an extremely muted gray. Same goes for the size indication, New Era logo, and MLB Merch tags. All are black on very dark gray. Again, these are details you just don’t get on your usual fitted that add intrigue for the fitted collector.

What do you think? Which of these caps would you consider adding to your rotation?

My thanks once again to Lids for their generosity.