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Old friend Chris Young has a new job

The respected righty’s playing days are officially behind him

Aeon All Stars Series 2006: MLB All Stars v Yomiuri Giants

The last time we saw former Padres pitcher Chris Young was this past Spring Training when he was trying to amend his title to current Padres pitcher Chris Young. His return was over before it started as he was cut loose right before Opening Day rosters were finalized, and when the San Diego Padres decide you’re not suitable to pitch for them, that’s as clear as indications get that a new line of work is probably in order.

I was just wondering the other day if that was the case, whether he’d still try to give it one more go or whether he’d join a front office — the Padres’, I had hoped — or perhaps use his intellect in a field outside of baseball. Now, thanks to this tweet from’s Mark Feinsand, I can wonder no more.

CY seems like a good guy for this role, not just due to his noted intelligence and Ivy League pedigree, but because as a recently retired player he could serve as a bridge of sorts between MLB and the players’ union. I’d like to think he’s going to destroy the system from the inside, but that’s just extremely wishful thinking; what’s more likely is that he excels at this and everything he gets promoted to after it, and eventually steps down as league commissioner at age 64 to focus on his ultimately successful U.S. Senate campaign.