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Mad Padres Day Off 4/26

Back to talking the Padres market!

-reggae horn-

Welcome back to Mad Padres AND I’M STEAMING MAD at a few things after this whole Rockies thing! Let’s get into it, I’ve got my SLEEVES ROLLED UP AND READY.




I don’t GET IT. Are we already at the point where everyone’s wants to get rid of the best Canadian hitter not named Joey Votto? Matt Stairs has to be doing something about this, right? He’s gotta be getting these guys to make adjustments! OH, WAIT. YOU’RE SAYING IT’S THE PLAYERS, KEVIN ACEE?


THAT WHOLE ARTICLE about the players having a team-only meeting SURE DID PAY DIVIDENDS FOR ONE GAME. After that we got to stare at two losses! TWO LIMP EFFORT LOSSES. Enough with the rhetoric! Adjustments are not made after one game! They’re not even made after a week of games! WHY DO YOU THINK PLAYERS WORK ON STUFF THROUGHOUT SPRING TRAINING!? COME ON, ACEE. GET IT TOGETHER.

-come on man!-

I know what you’re thinking: “but one of those games had a rookie pitcher start and he didn’t do good! Eric Lauer didn’t do good at all! Now what?”



MLB: San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies
Kid’s gonna be fine.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Do you know how many visiting pitchers have made their debut in Coors Field? SEVEN. Do you also know what their combined ERA is? 8.69! NO VISITING PITCHER WHO HAS DEBUTED AT COORS HAS MADE IT PAST 5 INNINGS. THE DATA IS THERE. The idea that Lauer would have done any different is HUBRIS. The kid was set up to fail in 40 degree weather. His stock is fine. He had a VERY SMALL sample size of work while in AAA and overall did well enough in Spring to warrant this call-up, but would it have killed the Padres to....y’know....DEBUT HIM AT HOME AND MAYBE GET A FEW MORE TICKET SALES OUT OF IT? HUBRIS!

I suspect he’ll do better next time. Put money on that because it’s not like he’ll do worse, right? RIGHT!?



  • ALRIGHT, GO AHEAD AND BE MAD AT ME FOR JOSE PIRELA. So he’s regressed more towards a norm! So he doesn’t hit home runs! I get it. He’s still also 2nd on the team in WAR so there you go...for what that’s worth.


  • You bought your Christian Villanueva stock, right? RIGHT? If you haven’t you should have sooner! The kid is doing great things with the bat! So he’s not a great defender, but the bat by FAR has been worth keeping in the lineup. I suspect he’ll do some good stuff in the upcoming Mets series.
MLB: San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
  • HE’S WAY BETTER THAN CHASE BLEEPIN HEADLEY. You thought Villanueva’s defense was an adventure? How about letting your rookie pitcher down with a bad glove manning first? Look, when Chase Headley was traded over with Bryan MItchell WHO YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT, it was supposed to bring a consistent bat and consistent defense over in case Villanueva was still too raw at the plate and needed less exposure. How about AN .081 BATTING AVERAGE!? SELL ON HEADLEY IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY.
  • I am starting to get worried about Manuel Margot. He hasn’t looked any bit like he did at the plate last year, and that was some promising futures stock! I’M NOT SAYING SELL NOW. He’s still defensively sound but he needs to make some progress at the plate. Not like many of his teammates are doing better! You get my point; if he happens to get a refresher in El Paso while Franchy takes his spot and strikes out more in between home runs, that’s ok by me.


MLB: San Diego Padres at Arizona Diamondbacks Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports
  • Jury’s still out on Wil Myers since he’s been shelved, but he’s picking up a hit a night or so since coming back. SO HE FORGOT HOW TO PLAY FIRST. Not a big deal, really! Hosmer is on track now to play less games in a season then he has in a career, but he should still get the lions’ share at first. I’m HOPING THE HITTING CARRIES ON.
  • YOU’RE TELLING ME RENFROE PLAYED HURT FOR SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE BEING SHELVED? That’s just IRRESPONSIBLE. Not like his stock was high before his injury, but to allow his prices to fall by playing him with a hurt elbow? FOR SHAME. It’s not like the team is lacking outfielders, RIGHT?
  • What did I tell you about Kazuhisa Makita? I told you the stock adjustments would come, RIGHT? DID YOU SEE THAT 58 MPH CURVE FREEZE TREVOR STORY? Only one hit allowed in his last 3 appearances on the mound, GOOD STUFF.


Here’s what I got to get you out of here on: I’m not looking for much in this Mets series. For the first time in a while, the Metropolitans are pretty good. No, I’m not joking. No memes here, they’re leading the NL East! The game I WANT TO SEE MOST is on Saturday, where Joey Fuego is on the mound. I want to see how he performs against a top-10 batting team. The team is facing some strong pitching on Friday and Sunday BUT MAYBE ALL THEY NEED IS ANOTHER TEAM MEETING!

-secret stuff-

Get outta here until next time!