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Padres 0, Rockies 8: Friars slippery when wet

A weather delay couldn’t delay the inevitable.

San Diego Padres v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Usually a delayed start into near-freezing temperatures and a light drizzle doesn’t favor either team. Tonight, it seemed to favor the Rockies as they beat up on a rookie Padres debut and stumbling offense.

The rookie filling in for a vacant roster spot thanks to Luis Perdomo being sent down to AAA El Paso was Lauer, Eric. His debut would be in Coors Field, and as mentioned earlier, in weather recorded in the 30’s. Nothing went right for Later, and he was tagged for 6 hits across 3 innings, giving up 6 earned runs (7 total), An ugly first and second inning from Lauer and the defense had the Rockies up 7-0, later 8-0 on an RBI-double hit off Adam Cimber.

Offensively, there’s no story to be told. The Pads went 0-for-4 with runners in scoring position and stranded 5 runners throughout the night, not close enough to even tie things up. Rockies pitching tallied 12 strikeouts against the Friars, who lead the National League in striking out by a large margin.

Not nearly as fun as last night’s thunder. However, a dealing Tyson Ross will take the mound mid-day tomorrow against a nosediving Jon Gray. Hopefully with that matchup the Padres can close out the series with a win before heading back home to take on the Mets.