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All-time Padres 420 team

Khalil Greene, Bud Norris, Ron Herbel, Donn Roach, and others make up this stony squad

Los Angeles City Council Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Kinda funny story: I looked up the names for this three days ago, then every time since then that I’d remember I still needed to type this post, I’d totally forget about it for reasons entirely related to the subject at hand. Anyway, everyone was tweeting about 4/20 today, so that was a constant reminder to finish this. So, yeah, here are some guys who played for the Padres whose names are vaguely weed-related.

C- Steve Swisher

1B- Tommy Medica

2B- Jose Mota

SS- Khalil Greene

3B- Jeff Gardner

LF- Jay Johnstone

CF- Jon Jay

RF- Jay Payton

SP- Donn Roach

RP- Bud Norris, Brandon Puffer, Ron Herbel, Ricky Stone

MGR- Can’t go wrong with either Bud Black or Andy Green

Medica is such a stretch, but I scoured the list of all 165 guys who have played at least one game at first base for the Padres, and that’s the best one. Jeff Gardner is a bit of a reach too, and a three-Jay outfield is kinda weak, but again, workin’ with what they give me, folks. It was kind of a toss-up between Steve Swisher and John Baker, but I went with Nick’s dad as a shoutout to all the blunt enthusiasts out there.