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All-time Padres 420 team

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Khalil Greene, Bud Norris, Ron Herbel, Donn Roach, and others make up this stony squad

Los Angeles City Council Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Kinda funny story: I looked up the names for this three days ago, then every time since then that I’d remember I still needed to type this post, I’d totally forget about it for reasons entirely related to the subject at hand. Anyway, everyone was tweeting about 4/20 today, so that was a constant reminder to finish this. So, yeah, here are some guys who played for the Padres whose names are vaguely weed-related.

C- Steve Swisher

1B- Tommy Medica

2B- Jose Mota

SS- Khalil Greene

3B- Jeff Gardner

LF- Jay Johnstone

CF- Jon Jay

RF- Jay Payton

SP- Donn Roach

RP- Bud Norris, Brandon Puffer, Ron Herbel, Ricky Stone

MGR- Can’t go wrong with either Bud Black or Andy Green

Medica is such a stretch, but I scoured the list of all 165 guys who have played at least one game at first base for the Padres, and that’s the best one. Jeff Gardner is a bit of a reach too, and a three-Jay outfield is kinda weak, but again, workin’ with what they give me, folks. It was kind of a toss-up between Steve Swisher and John Baker, but I went with Nick’s dad as a shoutout to all the blunt enthusiasts out there.