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El Paso Chihuahuas to celebrate 1998 Padres

The team will also don some familiar threads...

The AAA affiliate of the Padres are em”barking” on a nifty uniform change to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1998 National League Champion Padres team. The Chihuahuas will be donning some very familiar threads with a twist on April 28th as a 90s night:

The El Paso squad is no stranger to taking cues from their big league parent club when it comes to fauxback uniforms and this one is no different. Take a look:

An extremely cool idea, right? The cap has yet to be released though you know your favorite cap collector will have to snag one.

There’s only one nitpick to the jersey itself and this was pointed out by the SD Hat Collectors’ very own Tony Losoya: the ‘98 squad did not wear a navy jersey with a front number on it. The front jersey number was added to the ‘99 uniform set and would last until 2003. Even with the minor inaccuracy this should turn out to be a very good looking promotion. Now if only we could get that change to the current Padres uniform set...