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Christian Villanueva is extremely wrong about hot dogs, and this is super serious business, you guys

Another one breaks my heart

Colorado Rockies v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Earlier today, the Padres’ official Twitter account sent out a call for questions for their latest installation of #AskThePadres, this time featuring red-hot hitting rookie third baseman Christian Villanueva. I, being me, asked what I usually ask everyone, which is a debate most people tired of years ago.

Of course the answer is an obvious, all-caps YES, and don’t come at me with any of that hinged-bun chatter. A cheesesteak is in a hinged bun, and it’s a sandwich.

After I ate dinner (chicken and dumplings, sweet corn, baked carrots, and a roll - none of which are sandwiches) I checked my phone, and there was his reply.

It was devastating.

It’s okay. I don’t think any less of him; I too was wrong about a lot of things when I was 26.