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Mad Money: Padres Edition

Time to talk Padres stock market!

Alright, welcome to Mad Money. You know who I am, yadda, yadda. Let’s get to brass tacks, shall we?

-hammer pounding nail-

We knew the team was due for a market regression and BOY did we get it last night, am I right?


-glass breaking-

This is what we get for going into an LA team looking for another win after a bounceback against Arizona. Where are my Twitter people laughing at the standings today? HUH? IS THAT STILL TOPICAL AFTER LAST NIGHT?

-Wilhelm scream-

I’m not surprised the Padres decided to lay down for LA. History tells us that the Padres typically don’t do well with the Dodgers in their first meetings of the season. You guys remember last year, right? You remember Tyson Ross hitting the skids after Opening Day in 2016? I bet you sold that stock quickly then, right? WHY MAKE THE JOKE THEN IF YOU’RE JUST SETTING US UP FOR DISAPPOINTMENT!?

ANYWAY. I’m not shocked. I’m really not.


The Padres were due to regress ESPECIALLY AFTER their showing against San Francisco. Have you seen San Francisco lately? YEAH YEAH, they beat these same Dodgers in their opening series. BREAKING NEWS: the Giants are currently HOT GARBAGE.


Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. “Hey, let’s get a bunch of veterans together and see if we can’t make a run at it! It’ll totally work!” Yeah, that was the 2015 Padres. That’s the 2018 Giants. I get it, their best pitchers are injured. Their two big vet pickups are starting slow. But MAN do they need to reload. They’re not doing the whole even-year thing again, THAT SCHTICK IS DEAD.


Back to the Padres. Alright, look. It’s not the worst thing to lose to the Dodgers. Yeah yeah, the ol’ ego is gonna take a hit. If you’re in that camp where the team is supposed to go to the playoffs THIS YEAR, then you’re thinking “WE GOTTA BEAT TEAMS LIKE THIS.”

-baby crying-

That’s why WE’RE NOT GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR. There’s still growing pains to go through. We got players growing now on the farm that are going to be on this roster when it’s time to make that run. Let’s get into the player stock.


Look, I was high on the Robbie Erlin stock going into this game. He looked good out of the bullpen! A regular veteran arm despite the fact HE’S ONLY PLAYED IN 36 MAJOR LEAGUE GAMES SINCE 2013. WOW. I know. That’s a thinker, right? But look, don’t be so down on the guy after one gutting. He seems to have figured it out as a bullpen-quasi-long guy. That might be all he ever is? Tim Stauffer was cool, right?

Speaking of cool guys, how about this Adam Cimber? Had a rough little Major League adjustment in his first game and now the kid is throwing 3 innings CLEAN against Los Angeles? SIGN ME UP FOR THAT STOCK! I’M BUYING ADAM CIMBER!


Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres
DON’T GET UPSET ABOUT LAST NIGHT. Kaz is still worth your bottom dollar.
Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Love me some sidearm action and also still love me some Kaz Makita. So yeah, he gave up a grandy to Grandal. Whatever. I don’t think he should have been lacing a third fastball! Don’t know what Hedges was thinking on the call, BUT THREE FASTBALLS DOESN’T SEEM LIKE A GOOD PITCH MIX. Should have gone inside! It’s IRRRRELEVANT post-script. Look, Kaz is still worth your investment.

-quarter drop-

Now I know you Twitter pundits are low on the long-term prospects of Jose Pirela. You know which smart guys I’m talking about. But get this: the man is hitting. He’s doing the leadoff work that Manuel Margot should be doing. He’s TIED FOR THE MAJOR LEAGUE LEAD IN HITS. And here we go with the small sample size rebuttals. “It’s too early in the season!” “Unsustainable!” Quit feeding me numbers like I’m a TI-86! These are the same guys who said Chase Moping Headley should start over Christian Villanueva. I’m even bearish on the feast-famine work Villanueva has shown BUT AT LEAST HE CAN HIT. AT LEAST VILLANUEVA AND PIRELA CAN HIT.

-home run-

So what if their defense is suspect? They’re placeholding anyway, aren’t they? Let em’ build value through the playing market and get something at the deadline. At the very least Andy Green is doing something right and letting them get reps instead of the $13 million dollar roster filler. Don’t remind me of Bryan Mitchell, by the way. Not going to buy into that stock, but I applaud the try to find value. I’m a value stock guy! We didn’t lose anything in the try besides Jabari Blash and a Twitter trope. What’s Jabari doing now? Playing in Salt Lake. REAL VALUE LOST THERE, TWITTER.

-losing horn-

MLB: Spring Training-San Diego Padres at Chicago Cubs
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

On lost value, give me Luis Urias already. I’m ready, BRING HIM ON IN!

-back it up-

And it’s not that I lost belief in Carlos Asuaje’s or Cory Spangenberg’s stock. But they’re just like what the beeps of the truck hauling in Luis Urias mean: backup! Maybe Spangenburger with cheese more so than Asuaje since he can actually put sauce on the ball from time to time and he plays MULTIPLE POSITIONS. Can you believe Cory was picked before GEORGE SPRINGER OR JOSE FERNANDEZ? YEESH.

I’m gonna have to SELL on those two as STARTERS. Perfectly good backup utility players, of which Spangenberg is the better thanks to the multiple positions thing ALRIGHT. DONE WITH THAT. DIVEST ON THE STARTER TALK.

What I’m NOT going to sell on yet is Wil Myers. Yeah yeah yeah, he’s been hurt. All indications are telling me that his stock is what it is. BUT. I think he’s still got something to prove. Let’s give him the season and if he turns out ok then you’re gonna FEEL SMARTER for not throwing in the towel so early. If he regresses then FEEEEEL FREEEE TO ABANDON SHIP.


I’m not gonna touch the Renfroe thing today. Not with a ten foot pole! Not like he touched that ball over his head last night! GAAAAAHHH.

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres
LOOK, if he’d do what he does against LHP ALL THE TIME, I’d be more of a buyer!
Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

I’m gonna get you out of here on this: TONIGHT is a defining game for Mitchell. If and it’s a BIG IF...IF he happens to do well against this Dodgers lineup, there might be hope for the kid. If he’s WALKING IT OUT MORE THAN AN UNK SONG THEN GIVE ME JORDAN FLIPPIN LYLES or BRING ON UP ERIC LAUER.