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TFHS Closer Look: Padres Jackie Robinson Day Cap

So what’s going on with the Jackie Robinson Day caps?

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San Franciso Giants v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

A strange cap mystery has arisen regarding the latest Special Events cap.

Yesterday was of course Jackie Robinson Day. Being a Sunday at home the Padres donned their camouflage uniforms for Military Sunday, tying in a celebration of Jackie Robinson’s military service along with the usual pomp that comes with Sunday home games.

New for this season was the inclusion of a #42 patch on the jerseys and caps of every player. Some players who sport the high cuff look (which is second only to stirrups and much better than the full pant leg look) also had the same logo on their Stance socks.

“That’s pretty cool, SD Hat Guy! I’m sure you got the hat, right?”

Well...yes and no.

“Gee, that’s the navy cap. Why isn’t it the tan one they wore?”

I dunno. I figured someone along the supply line got the word to throw the patch on every team’s home and road cap. I guess the memo that the Padres usually wear their tan caps on Sunday got lost in the sauce?

A query to the Padres official Twitter (they’re fantastic, by the way) showed that the tan version of the cap was indeed made but seems to only be an MLB Shop/Fanatics exclusive. If you (like me) were hoping to apply a discount to your purchase (via a membership or the like) then you’re outta luck unless you pony up and order more for the free shipping (I did no such ponying).

This is probably the first time in recent memory that a fan could not wear the exact same Special Event cap as the team on the field. If you did have the tan cap with the 42 patch then I don’t believe you; liar liar, pants on fire. If you were shrewd and had some time on your hands, I suppose you (or I) could have transplanted the patch from the navy cap to a tan version, but even I know ain’t nobody got time for that.

You shouldn’t have an issue with the next upcoming Special Event series: the Mother’s Day caps were made available today.