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This day in 1998: Padres find The Way back to the win column thanks to the Fastball of Kevin Brown

Brown pitched a four-hitter, and got his only support in the form of a Greg Vaughn solo homer

I absolutely refuse to apologize for that headline.

Yesterday I noted that the Billboard number one song in the United States this week 20 years ago was All My Life by K-Ci & JoJo. Over on the Alternative chart, Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground, which had held the top spot since back in 1997, was finally bumped by a newcomer. The Way by Fastball took the number one position for the first of seven consecutive weeks.

This is definitely a landmark of the time, but unlike Marcy Playground, whose fun little quirky hit I enjoyed, I actually became a fan of Fastball. They’re just a few solid, blues-based guys from Austin who will give you equal parts roll to go with the rock, nothin’ fancy. They followed this single up with Out Of My Head, which did well, then fell out of the popular conscience. My fondest memories of them come from about a decade after this record was released; I used to hang out with my best friend’s mom until all hours, drinking Evan Williams chased with Natty Light, and this record was in our constant rotation, right alongside Dire Straits and the two early-’90s Social Distortion albums.

As far as the San Diego Padres Baseball Club, which this post is ostensibly about, they won.