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Make your 2018 Padres predictions

As always, you will be graded in October, and judged forever

Tommy Hilfiger Psychic Party

I never really thought about it, but I think the annual Padres Predictions post is the longest-running Gaslamp Ball tradition. Beginning in 2006, it predates May Beards by a year and a month. As always, your mission — if you should choose to accept it — is clear:

Answer me the following 5 questions in the comments section in order for them to be considered.

1) What will be the 2018 Padres’ record?

2) What place will they finish in the NL West?

3) Who will win the National League Western Division?

4) Which Padre player will be traded before seasons end?

5) Who will be the Padres All-Star(s) ?

Predict World Series Champions, All Star Game winner, etc. if you are are so inclined.