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Padres’ radio flagship somehow reaches a new low

One can only imagine the team’s lawyers are scrambling for an out

Security After Threat of Attack on California Bridges Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

[Warning: The following post documents a public figure’s crass take on the delicate subject of suicide]


Well, well, well.

Here we f***ing are. Jesse Frederick Crest, here we are again. Not even “again” but still. The radio home of the Padres has an all-in dedication to giving jobs to outright human debris, and their latest tool looks to fit right in with stablemate and fellow waste of oxygen Dan Sileo.

Kevin Klein, not to be confused with Kevin Kline, is the new morning chucklehead on 97.3 THE MACHINE, and his show was introduced in the most despicable fashion. Nothing like making light of a leading cause of death among Americans, especially those who have served in the Armed Forces, to let people know what you’ll be bringing to their breakfast tables.

I love me some Jesse, and Uncle Teddy is a part of me, but I won’t hear either of their soothing voices until some s**t seriously changes.