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Major League Baseball players with multiple stints for multiple teams

Quite a few players have doubled up with two different teams

Cleveland Indians v Kansas City Royals Photo by Tim Umphrey/Getty Images

I’m endlessly fascinated by some of the most completely pointless sh*t, and this great game that we love provides me a never-ending well. Par exemple, the other day it came up that Cameron Maybin has now played for the Marlins twice along with two stints with the Tigers. I then started trying to think of other guys who are also in this weird club, and came up with Jeff Conine (Royals, Marlins, Orioles), Charlie Hayes (Yankees, Phillies, Giants), and Adam Rosales (Rangers and Athletics... in a two-week span).

Not content to leave it at that, I spent far too long leafing through Baseball Reference, by way of their birthday pages, looking for names that would jump out and jog my memory. I went through all 366 days, but I’m sure I missed a lot since I only checked the “Aha!” lightbulb-moment guys and players who seemed like they might have. What follows is far from comprehensive, so please list in the comments section ones I’ve missed, and I’ll edit this to add their names and credit you. I did double-check all of the Hall-of-Famers who played after 1900; I used that as a cutoff since organized baseball wasn’t all that organized before then. Each player, uh, played two times for each franchise listed, unless otherwise noted, and I’ve separated them into a few sections to break up the monotony.

Hall of Famers

Rickey Henderson (A’s 4x, Padres)

Greg Maddux (Cubs, Dodgers)

Jim Thome (Indians, Phillies)

Larry Doby (Indians, White Sox)

Ferguson Jenkins (Rangers, Cubs)

Eddie Murray (Orioles, Dodgers)

Joe Medwick (Cardinals, Brooklyn Dodgers)

Wee Willie Keeler (Giants, Brooklyn Grooms/Superbas [Dodgers])

Dazzy Vance (Cardinals, Brooklyn Dodgers)

George Davis (Giants, White Sox)

Rick Ferrell (Browns, Senators)

Burleigh Grimes (Pirates 3x, Cardinals)


Rafael Palmeiro (Rangers, Orioles)

David Wells (Blue Jays, Yankees, Padres)

Harold Baines (White Sox 3x, Orioles 3x)

Raul Ibanez (Mariners 3x, Royals)

Juan Gonzalez (Rangers, Indians)

David Cone (Royals, Blue Jays, Mets)

Rico Carty (A’s, Blue Jays)

Ruben Sierra (Rangers 3x, Yankees)

Julio Franco (Indians, Braves)

Mickey Vernon (Senators, Indians)

Tim McCarver (Cardinals, Phillies)

Ray Mueller (Pirates, Boston Braves)

Carlos Pena (Rays, Rangers)

Tommy Davis (A’s, Cubs)

Andy Ashby (Phillies, Padres)

Ralph Terry (Yankees, Kansas City A’s)

Vinny Castilla (Rockies 3x, Braves)

Jose Lima (Tigers, Royals)

Gene Woodling (Indians, Orioles)

“Steady” Eddie Guardado (Twins, Rangers)

Eddie Robinson (A’s [Philadelphia and Kansas City], Indians)

Mark Davis (Phillies, Padres)

Murry Dickson (Cardinals, Kansas City A’s)

Wil Cordero (Expos, Indians)

Al Leiter (Marlins, Yankees)

Eric Young, Sr. (Dodgers, Rangers)

Jose Hernandez (Cubs, Indians, Pirates)

Doug Jones (Brewers, Indians)

Terry Mulholland (Giants 3x, Phillies, Cubs)

Steve Trachsel (Cubs, Orioles)

Other Guys

Oscar Gamble (Yankees, White Sox)

Tony Phillips (A’s, Angels)

Mike Stanley (Red Sox, Yankees)

Mike Stanton (Red Sox, Yankees, Nationals)

Pat Borders (Blue Jays, Mariners)

Geoff Blum (Astros, Padres)

Jose Vizcaino (Dodgers, Giants)

Greg Myers (Braves, Blue Jays)

Doug Brocail (Padres, Astros)

Sterling Hitchcock (Yankees, Padres)

Bill Haselman (Rangers, Red Sox)

Jim Abbott (Angels, White Sox)

Kurt Bevacqua (Pirates, Padres)

Rudy Seanez (Padres 4x, Red Sox, Dodgers)

Darnell Coles (Mariners, Tigers)

Miguel Olivo (Mariners, Marlins)

Greg Colbrunn (Braves, Diamondbacks)

Bernie Carbo (Red Sox, Cardinals)

Craig Breslow (Red Sox, Twins, Indians)

Ismael Valdez (Dodgers, Rangers)

Lou Merloni (Red Sox, Indians)

Jeff Manto (Indians 3x, Red Sox)

Jay Witasick (Padres, A’s)

Candy Maldonado (Indians, Blue Jays)

John McDonald (Blue Jays, Indians)

Travis Ishikawa (Giants, Pirates)

David Weathers (Marlins, Reds, Brewers)

Luis Sojo (Blue Jays, Yankees)

Bob Tiefenauer (Cardinals, Indians)

John Mabry (Cardinals 3x, Mariners)

Jamie Quirk (Royals 3x, A’s)

Tito Landrum (Cardinals, Orioles)

Luis Polonia (Yankees 3x, Braves)

Lenny Harris (Reds, Mets)

Yuniesky Betancourt (Royals, Brewers)

Karim Garcia (Orioles, Indians, Yankees)

Sidney Ponson (Orioles, Yankees)

Randy Velarde (Yankees, A’s)

Deron Johnson (A’s [Kansas City and Oakland], Red Sox)

Tim Foli (Mets, Pirates)

Curtis Pride (Red Sox, Expos)

Billy Ripken (Orioles, Rangers)

Russell Branyan (Brewers, Indians, Mariners)

Mike Fetters (Angels, Diamondbacks)

Jamey Wright (Rockies, Royals, Dodgers)

Kent Mercker (Reds 3x, Braves)

Bob Miller (Padres, Mets)

Chris Hammond (Marlins, Reds)

Muddy Ruel (Red Sox, Browns)

Storm Davis (Orioles, A’s)

Kelly Johnson (Braves x3, Mets)

Steve Reed (Giants, Rockies)