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So It’s Come To This.

We got ourselves a Dodgers/Red Sox World Series.

League Championship Series - Boston Red Sox v Houston Astros - Game Five Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write this version of the narrative.

What I banking on was for the Brewers to outslug the Dodgers and get two wins at home in order to send the Los Angeles media into a tailspin of “what could have been” articles flowing into the air analogous to tears from Dodgers fans.

I would have typed something about old friend Jhoulys we totally should have signed Lorenzo Cain instead of Eric Hosmer. A ditty about how I still don’t care for Josh Hader and Ryan Braun. A scathing warning on how Jeremy Jeffress should be quarantined for the upcoming series.

Instead we get a World Series where we have to pick the lesser of two evils.

Yes, the Red Sox showed their mettle against their oldest rivals in New York. A revitalized David Price shook off the postseason bug a lá 2017 Clayton Kershaw. We also saw old friend Craig Kimbrel deliver some of the shakiest moments in closing a game and has addressed what some considered a pitch tipping issue. The Red Sox went up against an extremely talented reigning champion in Houston and emerged holding the pennant. Instagram Story shade was thrown.

The Dodgers were taken to the brink of elimination (after walking over Atlanta in the Division Series) by an upstart Brewers team utilizing the most cutting edge strategy in bullpen usage (read: a lot of Josh Hader). A Dodgers team that looked stymied at times eventually woke up enough to make some clutch hits via Yasiel Puig and Cody Bellinger. Bellinger would also feature in the highlight catches section alongside Chris Taylor. Justin Turner is still there and is still as annoying (read: good) as ever though he’s been quieter this go-around. David Freese is part of the roster only for his postseason ability to make something happen at just the right time.

The last time the Red Sox and Dodgers faced off was in...1916. The Brooklyn team was known as the Robins.
Wikipedia Commons

The matchup between the two should prove to be interesting. Much like Milwaukee, Boston has had to go to the bullpen sooner than it probably cares for too often this postseason but cameos from starters out of the ‘pen have helped them get this far. The Dodgers are enjoying a revitalized Kenley Jansen and have not had the same issue of early exits from their starters. Both teams figure to have an easy time assigning a DH for the games in Boston (J.D. Martinez is a lock for Boston, either of Turner/Pederson/Puig/Kemp for LA). The Red Sox have even given all-world right fielder Mookie Betts reps at 2nd base to allow for J.D. Martinez to play RF in Los Angeles just to get his bat in the lineup. The Dodgers have depth almost everywhere. The Red Sox have Brock Holt hitting .333 in the postseason. Red Sox manager Alex Cora was once a Dodger. Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts was part of the curse-breaking Red Sox team. There’s tons of stats, matchups, and fun facts to pore over.

How about the starting pitching? It’s looking pretty even as far as ERA goes:

Dodgers: 3.86 ERA from Kershaw, Buehler, Ryu, Hill

Red Sox: 3.92 ERA from Sale, Price, Eovaldi, Porcello

So who do you have winning the World Series? The Red Sox? Yes. That would be the lesser of two evils. Huh? You think the Dodgers might? Let’s not think about that. Positive thoughts here, folks.