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Old friend Christian Bethancourt signs with Brewers

Guess what position he’ll be playing

San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres

The Brewers announced that they signed former Padres catcher and relief pitcher Christian Bethancourt, and made it clear that they plan to use him in the former capacity. That amounts to a year of his life being completely wasted by trying to make him a pitcher. That’s gotta suck. I mean, every single year of my life has been wasted, but in his case he has an actual set of skills and a limited window in which to make the most of them, so the past 14 months or so have been his money down the toilet. Good times; I’m sure he appreciates the Padres using him as a pawn in an unsuccessful long game to woo Shohei Ohtani, or whatever. I don’t know if that was really the impetus for them attempting to convert him, but it was whispered at the time and since then, and it makes about much sense as legitimately thinking he could make the switch while on a major league roster, so I’ll just roll with it. Either way, it was a disaster and here he is, farther from his potential than he was two years ago.