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Trevor Hoffman is getting a statue at Petco Park

You already know exactly what it’s going to look like

Trevor Hoffman #51

Today the Padres announced their plans for a series of promotions throughout the year celebrating Trevor Hoffman — aside from their regular promotional schedule, which is phenomenal after years of yawns — culminating in a full weekend honoring him for his induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. They tucked away the big news in the video they tweeted of the ballpark giveaways for each date. The last one is a Trevor Hoffman statue replica, which must mean... Right?

Yup. The team’s official Twitter account, which I can only assume is once again being operated by a team employee, confirmed as much in the following self-reply:

Going by the replica, the statue will of course depict Trevor in his full windup, just like we all assumed his statue would look when we started thinking about this during his playing career. There’s still no word on where in Petco Park the statue will be located.