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Trevor Hoffman is (Probably) Going to Cooperstown

Don’t screw this up, BBWAA.

John Cordes Archive Photo By John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The last two years of Hall of Fame elections have been rough for the master of the changeup, but Trevor Hoffman might finally get his due tomorrow. After missing the mark by about eight percent in his first year on the ballot, he fell a heartbreaking five votes short in 2017. But with just over 24 hours until Cooperstown unveils the results, ballot tracker Ryan Thibodeaux has #51 sitting at 77.8%. It’s tight, but it’s a couple points over the 75% threshold for induction.

With most candidates, there’s a bit of a drop in those percentages after the final numbers are announced. Edgar Martinez, who is also polling right on the edge of induction, dropped 7.3% in final results last year. But Trevor went up 1.3% in last year’s final tally. If that pattern holds, you might want to start booking your tickets to Cooperstown now.

The official announcement will come at 3 P.M. Pacific Time tomorrow. You can watch live on MLB Network,, and