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Garbage human with garbage takes, who treats others like garbage, finds humor in garbage opinion of fellow human garbage

It’s a disgrace that this ignorant loudmouth is paid to speak

Rome Continues To Suffer From Problems with Refuse Collection Photo by Stefano Montesi/Corbis via Getty Images

By now I imagine you’re familiar with the wildly unstable (to say the least) President of the United States’ disgusting remarks in which he referred to African nations and Haiti as “shithole countries”, from which we should not be accepting of immigrants. Naturally, it took no time for San Diego radio personality Dan Sileo to get a kick out of that. I say “naturally” since Sileo has a long record of heinous behavior dating back to well before he relocated from Miami, where he previously spewed his macho bigotry and willful ignorance.

Sileo was first dumped into the consciousness of Padres fans nearly four years ago when he was hired to do a morning show on 1090. It was quite alarming that he was afforded that opportunity, given his track record. At the time of that hiring, Awful Announcing detailed his transgressions to date.

March 2012 – Sileo is fired from WDAE Tampa for calling 3 African American NFL players “monkeys.”

January 2013 – Sileo is suspended by WQAM Miami for a series of sexist tweets to Erin Andrews that included him telling her to “bake me a cake.”

February 2013 – Sileo is fired from WQAM.

November 2013 – Sileo is fired by WMEN Miami for putting a bounty on a Florida State player on his Twitter account. (Sileo couldn’t even get the right picture of the guy he wanted the bounty put on.) It is his third firing in less than two years.

Sileo’s move to San Diego was put in motion by the Padres’ CEO at the time, the now-disgraced Mike Dee, who like Sileo was brought in from Miami. Recently Sileo left 1090 for a rumored job with the Padres’ flagship station, 94.9. That station is owned by Entercom, whose President of Sports is — surprise, surprise — Sileo’s old buddy Mike Dee.

A former Miami Hurricanes football player, Sileo is wildly ignorant about baseball, along with apparently just about everything else. This was recently evidenced by his thoughts on who the Padres should trade for third baseman Eric Hosmer, who is a free agent and four-time Gold Glove winner at first base. Hosmer has never played third base, due largely in part to being left handed, although I imagine Sileo would ask why that matters.

Aside from his obvious lack of qualifications to speak even remotely coherently about baseball, Sileo is unfit to work with the public, let alone broadcast his sickening viewpoints. His mere association with the team, albeit one degree removed, is an unequivocal disgrace. Not only should every effort be made to disassociate from him, it absolutely never should have gotten to this point in the first place.