2017 Padres Minor League Review - list form

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Just thought this would be a fun chance to do some lists as the minor league season has been completed

Top 5 Climbers (prospects that improved their ranking throughout the year)

5. Austin Allen (continued to hit, played better on the defense too)
4. Josh Naylor (he needs to tap into his power but I do believe he played well throughout the year)
3. Jorge Ona (no question he can hit, but he needs to tap into his power)
2. Cal Quantrill (struggled some in San Antonio but everyone seems happy with his first full season from TJ Surgery)
1. Luis Urias (fell off a bit at the end of the year due to injury but no question he's a hitting machine)

Top 5 Fallers (Players that lost some of their shine)

5. Jacob Nix (there seems to be some issues with his ability to get people out, still a workhorse but ceiling is much smaller)
4. Eric Lauer (Very similar to Nix, he's not throwing very hard so he's really living on the edge)
3. Anderson Espinoza (Losing two full years does this)
2. Javy Guerra (Even with aggressive move to AA and improvement in defense, his bat is still atrocious)
1. Michael Gettys (He's young BUT he's been lapped by better prospects as his hit somehow got worse)

Top 5 Comets (Players that have shot up the ranks)

5. Logan Allen (secondary pitches have developed nicely, he looks like his ceiling is alot higher)
4. Pedro Avila (domination of Fort Wayne for two plus months takes a guy from meh to potential MLB starter)
3. Joey Lucchesi (has outshined Lauer/Quantrill and now is a serious back of rotation candidate)
2. Michel Baez (lots of people suggest he already has an 80 fastball combined with a great slider, he at WORST could be a hell of a bullpen arm)
1. Fernando Tatis Jr. (anyone shocked by this?)

Top 5 Surprises (Players that has put themselves on the radar after great years)

5. Reggie Lawson (while shelled at times he is showing some real talent and the makings of a good arm)
4. Franmil Reyes (Power has finally come on and battled Allen all year for the HR crown)
3. Hudson Potts (18 year old is showing tools across the board and comfort at 3B)
2. Enyel de los Santos (Has outshined at times everyone else on the Missions with a very solid year)
1. Franchy Cordero (from busted international prospect to likely major leaguer next year)

Top 5 New Players/Rookies to watch (Players new to the Padre system this year)

5. Thomas Cosgrove (very intriguing pitcher with relief potential)
4. Luis Campusano (probably a better all around catcher than Hunt and has shown it)
3. Estuary Ruiz (the hitting machine looks to continue a very good 2017)
2. Mason House (already has the look and could potentially become a big time prospect with another good year, this time at FW)
1. Mackenzie Gore (duh)

Top Hitters in the system

5. Hudson Potts (is starting to show the hit tool that was just average initially)
4. Estuary Ruiz (aggressive ranking but he rakes and rakes well)
3. Austin Allen (never was a question about his bat or power)
2. Luis Urias (the little hitting machine with his one really good tool)
1. Fernando Tatis Jr. (has it all)

Top Pitchers

5. Anderson Espinoza (in terms of hype he belongs here, otherwise nope)|
4. Adrian Morejon (I'm not sure he should be here but everyone seems happy with his work)
3. Cal Quantrill (looks to be middle of the rotation guy but a good one)
2. Michael Baez (possibly the most upside and hype of any pitcher maybe ever in the Padres system)
1. Mackenzie Gore (legitimate LHP ace potential)

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