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Padres fire hitting coach Alan Zinter

MLB: San Diego Padres at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Padres hitting coaches don’t have job security. They are first to be blamed so it’s amazing Alan Zinter lasted as long as he did. A few moments ago the Padres announced that he had been relieved of his duties. They’ll look to replace the position during the offseason.

The reason for the dismissal came down to results. If you hadn’t noticed the Padres suck. I hope that a new hitting coach will make a difference but I somehow doubt it. The new guy will be praised for his hard work and dedication next season, fail to turn bad hitters into good ones and then be fired and replaced.

Padres Manager Andy Green made the “excruciating” decision and is certain that the team isn’t going to get to the next level with Zinter in the role.

Padres fire hitting coach Alan Zinter - The San Diego Union-Tribune

“I’d put this at the top of the list of probably most excruciating decisions I’ve ever made in my life,” Green said. “In so many ways, he brought passion, he worked incredibly hard, he cared immensely. There’s nothing wrong that’s been done.”

The timing of the firing was said to be for Zinter’s benefit. Now so he can get an early start on the job search.