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Padres Player’s Weekend/Little League Weekend Uniforms Announced

The Padres will don a familiar colorway for the mashup weekend.

Wonder where we saw this colorway before...

It appears the Player’s Weekend is joining forces with the once-rumored Little League cap set to become a dedication to the Little Leagues: the places where our Padres got their start and also a dedication to the people who helped them on the path to the Majors.

Let’s take a look at the set:

Well, this colorway looks familiar, doesn’t it? The Padres will be sporting a navy/yellow jersey with a yellow cap. As seen here, quite a few players will be participating in the nickname game and will don a nickname on their backs in lieu of their last names.

Notable nicknames:

  • Froe for Hunter Renfroe. Not bad.
  • Spangy and Hedgey for Cory Spangenberg and Austin Hedges, respectively. Kinda taking the easy way out, gents.
  • Brotato for Brad Hand. Unexpected.
  • Quack for Kevin Quackenbush. Expected and well done.
  • Woody for Travis Wood. I expect this to be a fast seller on hilarity alone.
  • El Flaco for Dinelson Lamet. El Flaco is Spanish for “skinny one”.
  • Churro for Luis Torrens. Makes me hungry.
  • Kirbs for Kirby Yates.
  • Fred for Travis Jankowski. Foreshadowing a return to the team? Maybe.

Notable absences:

  • No Wil Myers? The lack of Queso is disturbing.
  • Matt Szczur didn’t shoot for the obvious.
  • Luis Perdomo was set up for a Domo joke.

Not shown on the jerseys will be a personalized shoulder patch with the name of a person or organization that helped that particular player achieve their dream to play in The Show.

The jersey is a pullover reminiscent of Little League standard unis. The Padres did implement pullovers intermittently throughout the 70s and into the 80s as double knit took over flannel as the jersey material du jour. I also consider this a colorway tease as to what the Padres could have kept from the 2016 season. The navy/yellow was such a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stale Padres colorway. At least we’ll get a weekend out of these.


The cap will probably be the most derisive among fans for the sheer fact that it’s bright yellow. Also of particular note is the cap logo design: teams were highly encouraged to dig into their backlog of logos to utilize on the cap. The Padres decided to go with a pseudo-take on their Military Sunday logo.


A different take on the MLB Batterman adorns the back of the cap as a Chroma patch. The logo represents the progression of a Little Leaguer to adulthood.

Expect to see players don other details such as customized catching gear (Hedges probably), unique wristbands, batting gloves, spikes, sleeves, and more.

You’ll get to see these caps and jerseys in action on the field August 25th through the 27th, though probably not live: The Padres will be on the road in Miami against the Marlins.

You can read more about Player’s Weekend from A.J. Cassavell on the Padres website.

UPDATE: Yes, this is happening. Via Twitter:


Hey Brewers, get your own colorway. Should have gone with their royal blue instead of that Sunday alt navy. Then again, the Padres could just be brown and solve this whole dilemma...