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Austin Hedges Saxy Section tickets now available

MLB: San Diego Padres at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

For years now heterosexual men have fancied Padres catcher Austin Hedges and branded their social media with #swoon at his every mention. From what I can tell the lady Padre fan seems to prefer Wil Myers. Myself? I’m more of a Manny Margot or Cory Spangenberg kind of guy, always trying to be different. In any case Hedges is the team’s decided upon sex symbol and the team is playing it up to encourage fans to cheer him and more importantly buy tickets.

The team announced today that they would be setting aside tickets in a left field section for Austin fans. With your ticket purchase you’ll receive an inflatable saxophone and sunglasses to play along with Hedges’ saxy walk-up music “Careless Whisper”.

Since I’m not much of a Hedges fan I’ll probably pass on the ticket package, but it might be fun to go just to see middle-aged men catch the vapors, waving their handkerchiefs and faux fainting.

Hedges Saxy Section |

Austin Hedges is serenading fans with his saxophone walk up songs. He invites you to cheer him on from the Hedges Saxy Section located in his home-run-landing left field. Hedges Saxy Section tickets include a ticket to a designated game, inflatable saxophone and themed sunglasses. Hedges Saxy Section tickets are available for August 18, September 4 and 22.