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TFHS Closer Look: 2017 Padres Player’s Weekend Hat

A closer look at the cap our Padres will be wearing this weekend in Miami.

The Padres will go into this weekend against Miami donning something a little more apropos for South Beach than the standard road grays. No, I’m not talking about the Tommy Bahama look the team sported on their way out of San Diego for the 6 game trip; I’m talking about the much-maligned Little League/Player’s Weekend uniforms.

The reminder that the Padres could have retained yellow in their colorway will be in full effect this weekend against the spiffy-looking Marlins. While this writer doesn’t mind another uniform being tossed into the long baseball season (it’s practically part of the Padres DNA at this point), many have taken umbrage with the overall look and the cap.

SD Hat Guy

Yellow crown and brim
White New Era logo
Navy and white military logo-esque interlocking SD

I agree with many sentiments about the lack of the Swinging Friar on this cap; it would have been an infinitely better choice than the military logo redux look. The fact that the Padres are taunting us with the navy/yellow look again is another downer; it would have been such a great colorway to keep in lieu of the navy/white.

SD Hat Guy

The rear of the cap features a special logo depicting the growth of a ballplayer from a kid through the teenage years into the majors. If you look hard enough you can see the official logo of the Little Leagues (furthest left) and a full-body version of the MLB Batterman logo (furthest right).

SD Hat Guy

The underbrim is retro gray, which has become a popular choice for special events caps as of late. The sweatband is standard black.

You’ll see the Padres don these caps and uniforms this weekend against Miami in what should be a bright-looking series.