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Jered Weaver Calls It A Career

The 12-year vet decided to hang ‘em up today.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Hot off the “matter of time” press is news that 12-year veteran right-hander Jered Weaver has decided to retire from baseball.

Signed to a 1 year deal worth $3 million, Jered’s stats with the Padres weren’t stellar (0-5, 7.44 ERA) and he was prone to the longball (16 surrendered in 42.1 innings overall). Still, the longtime Angels ace leaves the game with a career 3.63 ERA in 331 starts, 3 All-Star Game appearances, 2 seasons leading the AL in wins and a no-hitter to his name.

Even though his signing to the Padres roster was met with shrugs and consternation due to his depleted velocity, by all accounts Jered Weaver acted as a consummate professional both on the mound and in the clubhouse in his time with San Diego. The 34-year-old also wasn’t above poking fun at himself for his performance (or lack thereof) for the Friars:

Jered Weaver’s pitching was forgettable in a Padres uniform. Regardless, the former Long Beach State Dirtbag and California native has put together quite a career and we wish him the best.